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How it works

How it works

  1. You decide on the level of coaching you require.
  2. You are sent 4 forms to fill in; Athlete Profile, Future Goals & objectives, Medical disclaimer and T’s & C’s (Sorry I know everyone hates forms but these are very important!)
  3. You are then sent a link to your own personal Training Peaks account.
  4. You will do some fitness testing to establish training Zones.
  5. The coach works out your training plan for the season ahead or according to objectives.
  6. A weekly schedule of your sessions will be downloaded to your Training Peaks account for you to view a week in advance.
  7. You receive daily emails detailing that day & the next day’s sessions.
  8. You start training and upload every session to your dedicated Training Peaks account.
  9. Depending on the level of coaching you chose you will receive feedback on the sessions set for you.

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