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Coach Dave Says:

I hooked up with Diogo through the Training Peaks Coach Match Service and my association with the Haute Route multi stage mountain events.

Diogo is from São Paulo in Brazil and has signed up to compete in the Haute Route Alps event in August, it’s one of the toughest amateur endurance events in the world.

Cycling in Brazil present some interesting problems; there is obviously the traffic but also there are places where it may be unsafe to cycle especially if you have a nice shiny expensive bike!

Diogo overcomes these issues by cycling around the University campus, he doesn’t use a turbo trainer but still manages to do all the tough interval sessions on those campus roads. A short drive out of town there are plenty of decent hills which is where he does his endurance work.

He is an extremely dedicated and talented athlete and is a pleasure to coach, he is very inquisitive about all the numbers and very keen to understand the whole process of improving his fitness.

I’m sure he will smash it in the Alps!

Diogo Says:

It has been 9 years since I bought my first road bike. In the beginning, just riding here and there. Then the challenges: the first 100km, first race, trying to stay in the group on weekend group rides. What about getting dropped in the first 30 minutes? Probably this beginning is familiar to every cyclist.

This year I bought my first power meter, signed for the Haute Route Alps, and met Dave. What a difference a coach like Dave can make.

After 5 months of training, I'm already feeling ready for the task of riding 7 days through the Alps, but we still have 2 more months to go. My numbers are getting better every training block, feeling strong than ever, and didn't get sick a single day. Almost, but Dave saw that the numbers weren't right and asked me to take a couple of days out of the bike. 

Dave will push you through your goals, but will always be very careful to not put you at risk of overtraining. Always looking to the numbers, giving feedback, and adjusting the plan when needed. 

To me, cycling is about the landscapes, the funny things along the way, the camaraderie. But also about enjoying the pain and the joy of making others suffer in a competitive situation.

With Dave, I'm starting to move from an easy target in the peloton to make those other competitors suffer. 

If you want to make others hurt, you better call Dave. 

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